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                2019-09-08 11:50:16 作者:新浪财经 来源:sina.cn 栏目:财经会议


                作者:新浪财经 来源:sina.cn 栏目:财经会议

                重磅 | 耶鲁大学校长的声明

                原创:Peter Salovey


                Yale’s steadfast commitment to our international students and scholars


                PresidentPeter Salovey


                May 23, 2019










                Chris Argyris心理学教授

                In recent weeks, tensions in United States–China relations and increased scrutiny of academic exchanges have added to a sense of unease among many international students and scholars here at Yale and at universities across the country.

                I write now to affirm Yale’s steadfast commitment to our international students and scholars; they are vital to the university community. Over 2,800 students from outside the United States, representing 123 countries, study at Yale. They are joined by nearly 2,700 international scholars who conduct research and teach. Faculty members from around the world create knowledge, teach and mentor students, and add immeasurably to our intellectual community. Together, these individuals make significant contributions to Yale’s research and educational endeavors. By bringing the most talented and promising students and scholars to our campus, we foster new discoveries and advance our mission of “improving the world today and for future generations.”

                Our insistence on welcoming talented colleagues from around the world does not detract from our dedication to the integrity of our research. Yale takes seriously all of the legal and regulatory requirements that safeguard our research enterprise and protect our scholars from the theft of intellectual property. In addition, I am working with my presidential colleagues in the Association of American Universities (AAU) to urge federal agencies to clarify concerns they have about international academic exchanges. The AAU has encouraged agencies to use the tools already in place, such as export controls, while affirming the principle of open academic exchange for basic research.

                We pair our unequivocal commitment to careful research stewardship with another: international students and scholars are welcome and respected on our campus. We appreciate the expertise, creativity, and dedication they bring to our shared pursuit of knowledge and truth, and we affirm their belonging as members of the Yale community. I remind you that international students and scholars with any questions about their visas or other matters should contact theOffice of International Students and Scholars.

                I will continue to advocate for government policies that support the ability of international students and scholars to study and work in the United States. Openness—a key to the extraordinary success of America’s great research universities—must remain a hallmark of Yale.


                Peter Salovey


                Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology